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By The Korunda Pain Managment Center Staff – 08/18/10

5 Questions to Ask a Pain Specialist

Let’s face it.  Nobody likes to deal with pain, no matter how minor it may be.  Certain medical conditions carry with them episodes of chronic pain and discomfort.  For this type of issue, a pain specialist is often needed to help one alleviate their pain and get on with their life.  Those individuals who live in Florida have many options available to them with regard to pain doctors as a pain doctor in Florida is readily available in many cities and towns.  Before you have a pain specialist in Florida help you with your pain issues, here are 5 questions which you should ask them before they begin:

What Services Are Recommended For My Particular Pain Issue/Medical Condition?

When you first contact a pain doctor Florida provider, you should inquire as to which services are recommended for your particular pain issue/medical condition.  Frequently, your general practitioner will recommend that you have a specific service performed by a pain doctor in Floridaor perhaps the pain management specialist will have to evaluate you first in order to determine which services are needed to alleviate your pain.  Nevertheless, always make sure to ask in the very beginning which process will most likely be your best bet.

What Is the Process of the Specific Pain Alleviation Procedure?

Once you know what type of procedure you should have performed, the next question to ask relates to the service process.  Ask your pain doctor Florida professional to explain the procedure to you prior to having it done.  This way you know exactly what to expect during the procedure.

How Many Sessions Are Needed?

It is also a good idea to ask how many pain therapy sessions will be needed to alleviate the pain.  The doctor may or may not be able to tell this to you right up front as it may be a “wait and see” type of pain therapy process.  However, at certain times the doctor may be able to allude to whether the pain alleviation process can be completed in one session or if it will have to take more than one session for you to see long lasting results.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Another important question to ask your pain doctor in Florida is whether there are any side effects associated with the particular pain management service.  This way you know what you are getting yourself into and you can weigh the pros and cons to having the service completed in the case that there are some potential side effects involved.

How Much Will It Cost and Do You Accept Insurance?

Last but certainly not least, ask your pain doctor Florida how much the pain management services will cost and whether or not they accept your particular insurance for payment.  This will help to ensure that your pain management services will be affordable.

By asking these five questions, you can ascertain what you need to have done, how the procedure is accomplished and how much it will cost to alleviate your pain.

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