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By The Korunda Pain Managment Center Staff – 12/06/10

Needle Phobia:  Real Condition or Myth?

Let’s be honest.  You will rarely hear one say that they can’t wait to get their immunizations and look forward to going to the doctor to have their shots administered.  However, there are some individuals who have such a needle phobia that they refuse to have certain medical procedures and blood tests performed as a result of such fear.  The following will answer the question as to whether needle phobia is a real condition or myth and highlight how this can be overcome.

Needle Phobia Does Exist

There is such thing as a needle phobia and this type of condition is called trypanophobia.  Trypanophobia is when the individual is so deathly afraid of needles that they positively refuse to have any procedures performed or immunizations given as a result of such phobia.  Although some may say that they are afraid of needles, it is usually only considered trypanophobia when the fear is so overwhelming and debilitating in nature that it prevents one from having necessary medical procedures performed.

Ways Around Needle Phobia

Since the phobia of trypanophobia is a mental condition, it is best to address the problem head on.  One can speak with their doctor to try to understand why such phobia exists and go to the root of the problem to see if this can be wiped away.  If medical procedures are positively necessary and the patient is willing and able to do so medically, there are other ways to temporarily overcome the phobia, such as through medications.

Pain management FL doctors and other doctors Lee County can help trypanophobics conquer their fears and get the necessary treatment that they need to be healthy and get the medical procedures performed in spite of their needle phobia.  If you have an extreme fear of needles, ask your doctors Lee County to help you to find a way around it.

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