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Spinal Cord Stimulation

Korunda Pain Management Center is pleased to introduce a revolutionary Spinal Cord Stimulation(SCS) technique to aid patients in relieving chronic pain and help with pain management issues.  This state of the art technology is what patients who live in and around Naples with chronic pain have been seeking out and Korunda Pain Management Center now offers the solution via a Medtronic SCS device.

The SCS treatment method:

– A small pulse generator is inserted into the abdomen of the patient with the aid of a local anesthetic and sedatives.

-Wires will lead from the generator to the spinal cord to produce electrical pulses to the cord region.

-Before the permanent SCS device is implanted, a temporary one may be tried out to ensure that a more permanent model would lead to pain relief success.  If the temporary model works, the doctor will implant the permanent SCS device.

The SCS device works to provide pain relief by sending electrical currents to the spinal cord area which will overcome the nerve impulses which are causing the chronic pain.  The strength of the pulsations can be altered to suit your pain management needs best.  You may need to use the pulsations 1-2 hours per day, a few times a day, depending on your chronic pain and how much pain relief is needed.   The SCS device will emit a tingling sensation but no pain.

This successful treatment method will help you to manage your chronic pain which may be the result of chronic pain syndromes, failed prior spinal cord surgeries or nerve damage conditions.  Now there is another option when it comes to managing your chronic pain on a daily basis and doing so in an easy, efficient manner.

For more information about our chronic pain clinics in Florida and Naples pain doctors , please contact our main office at (239) 591-2803.

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For more information about our pain clinics in Florida and Naples pain doctors,
please contact our main office at (239) 591-2803

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