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Trigger Point Injections

TPI are used to aid in the treatment of trigger points.  Trigger points are painful areas of the muscles or knots of muscles that form due to the muscle not relaxing.  Trigger points have the potential to irritate the nerves around them and can cause what is called referred pain, or pain that is felt in another part of the body.

During a TPI the physician places a small needle into the patient’s trigger point and injects an anti-inflammatory steroid and lidocaine mixture.  This mixture usually alleviates the pain caused by the trigger point.  Several areas can be injected at one time and the process takes only a few minutes.

Joint Injections

Joint injections can be done to relieve pain and inflammation in any joint in the body.  The painful area of the joint is palpated for area of the most pain, sterilized with alcohol, and a small needle is injected into the joint space.  A mixture of Lidocaine and anti-inflammatory steroids are injected into the joint capsule.  Pain relief may not be felt right away, it may take time for the medication to take effect.

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