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Doctors are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to diagnosing various diseases and disorders. However, there are certain diseases which are more difficult to pinpoint than other ones are. One group of diseases which falls within this category of difficult diagnosis is auto-immune disease. Auto-immune diseases consist of approximately 80 different diseases and many of the diseases within this large group have similar symptoms thereby making a concrete diagnosis a bit more difficult. The following will explain more in detail what an auto-immune disease consists of and what the common symptoms associated with these diseases may be.

Understanding Auto-Immune Disease

If you consult your doctor southwest FL about what an auto-immune disease really is they will likely tell you that an auto-immune disease is one where the healthy cells in the body are attacked by the immune system. This seems a bit odd as the immune system in our body is what protects us from getting sick however the attacking of the healthy cells is done by mistake. The diseases included within this broad category may affect a wide range of areas throughout the body and the symptoms may differ with each individual. Many of the diseases cannot be cured but doctors southwest FL can treat the individual symptoms in various ways.

What Are the Common Symptoms of Auto-Immune Disease?

There are many different symptoms which one can experience with an auto-immune disease and frequently it will depend on the type of disease which is present. For many, the symptoms may include tiredness, aching muscles and low fever. However, each individual will experience symptoms of varying types and degrees. Your doctor will examine you based on the symptoms and your auto-immune disease to see how to best treat the illness.

If you think that you may have an auto-immune disease or are experiencing various symptoms which require medical attention, your doctor southwest FL can help to diagnose you and get you back on the road to recovery.