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By The Korunda Pain Managment Center Staff – 10/21/10

When You Should Undergo a Nerve Conduction Study

Medical conditions involving the nerves are common in individuals of varying ages.  There are many illnesses and conditions which correspond to the nerve areas as well as different symptoms to go along with each.  In addition, one will find various tests to determine the extent of the nerve problem.  One such examination is the nerve conduction study.  Your Naples doctor, Dr. Zdenko Korunda or a Naples physical therapy specialist may recommend that you undergo a nerve conduction study.  Here are some times when a nerve conduction study may be necessary:

When Your Doctor Advises You to Do So to Aid in Rendering a Diagnosis

Most of the time it will be at the urging of a doctor that you have a nerve conduction study performed.  It is often the best way for a doctor to give you a concrete diagnosis with regard to a certain medical condition.  Your doctor will outline what he/she believes your medical issue to be and then highlight reasons why you should obtain the nerve conduction study.

When You Are Experiencing Problems with Your Nerves

Another time when you should undergo a nerve conduction study is when you are experiencing telltale symptoms associated with nerve disorders.  For those who have symptoms such as tingling, numbness, pain and weakness of the nerves, the nerve conduction study is the best way to tell the Naples doctor or physical therapy Naples doctor what is causing these symptoms.  It can also help to diagnose problems with muscles, such as when you experience pain and weakness in your muscles and don’t know what is causing such symptoms.

A nerve conduction study is a good place for patients to begin when it comes to having a nerve condition diagnosed.  The doctor may have to complete further tests but the nerve conduction study is a primary one which should be administered to get the ball rolling to your diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

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